What makes you who you are as a human being and determines how you see the world? Why does one person see a heaven where another sees a hell?

There are four major influences that mold us:

1 – Prenatal factors including the views and genes of our parents and ancestors

2 – Early environment

3 – Education

4 – Personal Experience

These make up your “background”, the basis for all concepts and beliefs you hold in your conscious and subconscious mind.

Going through life with pre-conceived notions which you’ve inherited, been compelled by or learned about at school or through life experience can be a blessing or a curse, depending on what’s come your way. This is living in a world of duality, of cause and effect.

There’s a better, higher way to live. You can rise above these influences, un-do beliefs and even genetic inheritances. You can transcend the personal self and accept your spiritual nature as the only determining factor for your life.


Start by questioning: Who is believing this? Who is having this opinion? Does this belief/thought/inheritance serve me? Is it good for me and the world?

Then choose differently. Open your mind. Practice a new perspective. Welcome inspiration. And, of course, receive help of whatever nature suits you.

Based on a talk by Joel S. Goldsmith (Spiritual Life Revealed, 1957).