I’ve been thinking that I should collect the writings of my Facebook page somewhere…Here seems like a good place. Enjoy these snipets of guidance! 


Living an authentic and awake life doesn’t mean you don’t have bad days or bad moments. On the contrary, you may have more of them because you don’t waste energy resisting what you’re feeling. The difference is that you don’t make them into more than what they are. You see them, let them be without judging, and start fresh the next day or the next moment.


Doing something because someone says you should is self-betrayal, period. How does the idea of doing whatever it is make you FEEL? If it feels good, then do it. If it feels like a burden, then you’re not being true to yourself. 


Momentum is key in creating change and building a fulfilling life, yes, but once in a while it’s ok to stop, get off the bicycle and take a few breaths. In fact, it is necessary. This refueling allows you to get up and back on the bicycle of life. 


Do you have an idea brewing? Take one small step today.Make one call, have one conversation, read one thing, write down one action step you can take tomorrow.

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Whose permission are you seeking? Don’t wait; the only approval you need is your own. You are the expert, the most important authority on your life. 
Planning is great. In fact, you have to plan; it’s what keeps you focused on the steps that lead to the goal. But as we all know, plans don’t always work out as intended. Sometimes we just have to surrender and let ourselves flow with the river of life. It’s a delicate balance indeed.
Good times, bad times, fun times, difficult times…They all shall pass; So enjoy the “highs” and stay strong through the “lows”. It’s all temporary.
Stress is something you DO, not something you ARE. It is a verb. TO stress, stressING, vs I AM stressed. You focus on certain thoughts or beliefs, you hold tension in your neck and shoulders, you breathe in a shallow manner. Notice, and choose to do the opposite, even while you’re engaged in action. 
If you can’t do what you’re passionate about, do what you’re good at. Being good at something ensures success which allows you the freedom to pursue your passion.
Let go and relax into the process of existence. Trust in the ride that is this life.
If you’re in need of a change in state (ie. how you’re feeling): stand tall with your chest open, shoulders back and down, head floating up toward the sky and feet grounded into the earth. Pause and take one deep breath. Feel any different?
Don’t be afraid of death, be afraid of not living life! This doesn’t mean you have to skydive; you simply have to be present and be true to yourself. Do the things that fulfill you, spend time with those who uplift you, and once in a while, do something “crazy”.
When’s the last time you asked for what you want? I mean, clearly and specifically asked for your heart’s desire? Whether to a partner/spouse, a boss or the Universe, you must ask before you can receive. Moses had to take the first step into the sea for the waters to part. 
There are many paths up the same mountain. Don’t stress over decisions and choices; life will bring you to where you need to be, one way or another. 
I used to hate being told to relax! But that’s exactly what I (and most people) need to do. “But I’m so busy and have so much to do!!!!” Even more reason to learn to be relaxed while being engaged in thinking and doing and busy-ness. It’s an art which requires practice. First thing: notice if you’re holding your breath and if you are, let it flow, even as you type, text, drive in traffic, talk on the phone, cook, or stand in line at the grocery store. Are your shoulders crunched up to your neck? drop them as you exhale, and keep them there you go on with your day.

Failure to take action always boils down to these 2 fears:

1) The fear of not being enough and
2) The fear that we won’t be loved. Peel back the layers and you’ll see and feel these fears.

You already ARE enough, and you are always loved.

These are truths that transcend human experience. So go on, take action!


Dealing with emotions you’re not enjoying? Ask yourself: 1) What am I feeling? 
2) Where is this feeling coming from? 
3) Is this feeling based on love or fear? 
4) Does this feeling match the vision I have of my best self and best life? 
If this feeling is not serving you, ie. it’s not helping you get to where you want to go, drop it: Stop saying, thinking and doing what you have been saying, thinking and doing.


True independence is the freedom to be yourself. Do you edit what you say and hold back in what you do? Time to free yourself now.


It is normal to feel helpless in the face of horrible things like terrorist attacks, violence of any kind, famine, natural disasters or any number of occurrences we hear about daily.What can we do? Pray? Send relief money? Donate blood? Yes, of course! But don’t forget to do the one thing that can make the biggest impact: Mend your broken spirit. People who commit inconceivable acts have broken spirits. How’s your spirit doing? If you’re whole, you will affect those around you, and just like the butterfly effect, the world and the Earth itself will be uplifted and healed.


“We are unlimited in what we can give if we are not busy suffering.” I can remember the time, years ago, when I decided I didn’t want to suffer anymore. Anything (or anyone) that would cause me to suffer would just have to go. Truly liberating. If you are going to be “anti” anything, be anti-suffering.


What is a soulmate? Is it THE person who is meant to be your romantic partner? I don’t believe there is only one person, out of billions, with whom we can share our life. But the one you do choose to be with has to be a mate of your soul in order for things to work. A soulmate can even be a good friend, someone you can confide in and who always has your back. If you’re looking for a soulmate, I know a technique that can help you attract one. It’s like putting a call out to the Universe; you have to know what to ask and how to ask it. 
Monday sets the tone for the week. If it hasn’t started on the right foot, it’s not too late. Take a step back, regroup, and do something to change your state (go for a brisk walk, go to your car and close your eyes for a few minutes, hydrate, jump around or splash cold water on your face). Then make a plan for the rest of the week. In other words, hit the RESET button. 
“The cave you are afraid to enter holds the treasures you are seeking.” Go ahead, enter, in spite of the fear. Enter into that place inside that you’ve always denied, that part of you that you don’t even know. Enter into the heart of your feelings, perceived shortcomings and imagined nightmares. By doing so, you will discover the treasure inside, which was always there.
Ever get to the end of the week and realize you did nothing you had planned to do during that week? That you don’t even know where the days went and your to-do list, business and personal, has maybe one thing on it that’s crossed off? Sigh…At that point, what do you do? Scramble at the last minute to try to make one call, send a couple of emails, get the stuff you need for the weekend, speed-read through the thing you promised you would read for the hundredth time??? My choice today is to just say “Oh well…” Tomorrow is another day, and next week is another week.
So, you want to take a course, get a new certification or try a coaching or marketing program but just don’t have time. I know. When the hell will you get it all done? During NET time.
I take my dog for a walk every morning. I have to take her for a walk, so I might as well use that time to listen to a downloaded MP3 program, which is what I did. Whether it’s a course, a podcast or just something to feed your curiosity and need to learn, use NET time.This is what NET time is according to Tony Robbins: something that takes:
In other words, listen or watch while you’re doing something you’re already doing: listen to lessons or podcasts while you drive, watch an educational video while you work out, or have something on while you do dishes, prepare a meal or walk your dog. 
Open yourself up; that seems to be the theme of the day. You can’t receive if you’re closed, rigid, hardened against life. This is hard to do alone. Get help and persevere. The world will respond!
Day in, day out…Work, school, errands, dishes. If you’re feeling stuck in the routine, the mundane of the every day, remember that without the mundane, you wouldn’t be able to appreciate or even recognize the magical. If you really want to push your brain, how about considering that there is magic IN the mundane? To find it is not an art but a practice. “I know how to find the magic in the mundane” can easily be downloaded into your subconscious mind for much quicker results than years of practice. 

If you’re in an intimate relationship, is it going well? Do you believe that you have to “work at it” to keep it going? Healthy and fulfilling relationships aren’t automatically created, with some exceptions of course. Most require some skill, just like anything worthwhile. Having said that, being in a relationship shouldn’t be a matter of constant struggle.

Here are the basic 4 relationship skills they don’t teach you in school:

1) Heartfelt understanding 
2) Giving your partner what they really need
3) Creating and building trust and respect
4) Reigniting playfulness, presence and passion

How do you rate yourself and your partner on each of these? Remember, you are on the same team!


Ask yourself 3 questions that have the potential to shape your life:

What do you want your mind to be attentive to? Thoughts affect how you feel, and you want to feel good, right?

What meaning can you assign to the situation you find yourself in? Is it an end or can it be a beginning? Are you being punished or nudged along?

Change only happens once you begin taking action. Do you give up or move forward? It’s up to you.

After answering these questions and having an idea of where you are and where you want to be, go ahead and CELEBRATE. Get up and dance, make some noise, treat yourself to something nice… Because most people go through an entire lifetime never asking themselves these or any questions.


Too much to do? Feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to start? Or feeling lost and aimless, not sure where you’re headed in your career, in your life?

Ask this one question:


What REALLY and TRULY matters to you? Your health? Spending time with your family? Having some peace and quiet? Creating something, or expressing yourself in some way? Learning and growing?

Once you have the answer(s), make time for THAT. Focus on THAT. And everything else will fall into place around THAT. 


What is your model of the world? Your model of the world is your internal program that guides you in terms of what you expect from others, yourself, and the world. It’s about how you think you should live your life, what it is that you need and what you value. Once you understand your model of the world, you get closer to knowing who you are and who you can become.


Did you know there are 3 levels of love in any relationship?

1-Selfish Love: “My needs come first”.
2-Conditional Love: “You get yours. I get mine”.
3-Unconditional Love: “Your needs are as important as mine” and “I love you anyway”.

The last level is the foundation for trust. Where are you at in your most important relationships?


EMOTION: You’re feeling stuff you don’t want to feel, or you’re stuck in a pattern of anxiety/fear/anger/guilt etc. Ask:

1-What am I feeling? Name it and observe. this will dis-identify you from the emotion.

2-Where is this feeling coming from? Look at what you were thinking about before the feeling came on, Thoughts precede feelings.

3-Is this feeling based on love or fear? Bottom line is all feeling arises from a place of either love or fear. If it’s from fear, know that it is not real (F-alse E-xpectation A-ppearing R-eal).

4-Does it match the vision I have for myself and my life? If the feeling is not in alignment with who you want to be, where you want to go and what you want to do, it’s time to let it pass.


Stop saying, thinking and doing what led to the feeling in the first place. Shift your focus. You’re in charge, not the emotion.

Sounds simple but it’s not at first. Takes practice.

All emotion is normal and healthy, as long as it does not become your permanent state of being.


Love and compassion are the antidote to anxiety. Love yourself during your most anxious moments and watch the pain and fear melt away. 


You may have wonderful goals, dreams and aspirations…But if you don’t have the physical ENERGY and the clarity of mind to take consistent action toward them, they will go unmet.

Here are a few energy-drainers:

Bad eating habits
Lack of fresh air
Lack of physical movement
Negative thinking
Energy vampires (people who drain your energy)

And on and on…

Take charge of your energy now. It’s yours to manage, protect and direct.


Couples in trouble:

Sit down and have an “Executive Meeting” together.

Why is it ok to have meetings for work and not for our primary relationship?

– Block off a couple of hours where you know you will be uninterrupted and sit down over coffee or wine.

– Establish some ground rules: No attacking, no blaming, no yelling, etc. Stay calm and open to honest discussion.

– Listen. Take turns speaking (set a timer if you must) and promise to be silent while the other talks. Listen without thinking of what you want to say next. Just LISTEN.

– Discover the underlying intent behind behaviours or actions you don’t like. Has he/she really been deliberately trying to hurt you? Could you have been perceiving a situation from a distorted frame of mind because of how you think things should be?

– End with a plan for another meeting. Write it in the calendar, like you would a work meeting. This will avoid the pile-up of issues which, if left alone will cause resentment and bitterness.

Remember, YOU ARE ON THE SAME TEAM. Stop being opponents for a minute and get back on board. Together.

Maybe things can be resolved, maybe not…But at least you will have tried, with an open heart and mind. After all, something drew you to this person once upon a time…


What affects your EMOTIONS and the MEANINGS you associate to things and events?

1- PHYSIOLOGY: How you use your body (breath, posture, movement). Emotion is motion.

2- FOCUS: Whatever you focus on, you will feel.

3- LANGUAGE: As soon as we put words to an experience, the meaning we experience changes.

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