This past summer, I wrote a little book. Actually, it wrote itself through me. I started and couldn’t stop. It flowed like water. A few months earlier I had given a short talk to a group of women entrepreneurs who work very hard at making their businesses successful. I spoke to them about the subject of this book. From there, I had the idea of turning the topic into some sort of workshop, course, retreat…I’m still not sure what. The idea was that the book would serve as an base and accompaniment to the practical course.

I call it a little book because it is no longer than 60 pages. But the content is about something big, something not everyone will be ready for. It’s about going for the ultimate in life. It’s about re-connecting to our Source and everyday spiritual living. It’s what our souls yearn for even if we don’t know it. As I say in the Introduction:

This book is not about how to “get rich quick” or have a better life. The GOLD that we are after here is a GOLD that is beyond priceless. It is immeasurable in its worth because it is eternal. It is the source, substance and essence of Life itself. This is a book about spirituality, but not the kind that requires us to sit in a cave or on a Himalayan mountaintop until enlightenment dawns upon us. It’s the kind that the average Joe and Susan can use. It’s for those who wish to infuse some Spirit into their daily lives in order to find some meaning and fulfillment right there in the middle of daycare runs, soccer games, business meetings and dinner time. It’s a “regular Wednesday” type of spirituality which turns your Wednesday into GOLD.”

GOLD is an acronym which stands for the Great One Life which is Divine. As explained in the book:

I came up with the G-O-L-D acronym because I wanted an alternative to the word “GOD”, one which would resonate with the masses, regardless of religious affiliation or indoctrinated belief system. The word “God” is charged with stuff which might not be so useful in trying to establish ourselves in a spiritual consciousness. You know it, the image of the masculine power-figure that sits “up there” and judges us, punishing our bad deeds and rewarding our good ones…That is so old news…But the word itself might still, for you, carry the energy and vibration of that old-man God.

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I look forward to seeing you in the GOLD. Release date sometime in March 2019.


Nevine xox