I’m very excited to share my new website with you. If you’re wondering why there are pictures of elephants on a coaching website, this explanation is for you.

When I decided to work with a web-designer to re-do my website from scratch, I was asked to look at some pictures for the purposes of coming up with a theme for my site. I scrolled through hundreds of pictures, and instead of choosing those that made sense, I chose the ones I genuinely liked. Elephants came up strongly, and I added them to my selection even though I was sure my web-designer would brush them off. After all, what do elephants have to do with coaching and with me? To my surprise, she liked them and even encouraged their use! It was an original concept and I would stand out from the rest. So we went for it.

My love for elephants is instinctual and not to be deciphered; but if I had to get into it, I’d tell you that elephants represent much of what we as humans strive for in life. When I first started working with an infertility clientele, I chose the “Bringer of Joy” elephant painting (by Tracy Verdugo, used with permission from the artist) to depict fertility. Beyond issues of fertility, elephants show us how to live. Their way is one of being and connection.

In animal symbolism, the elephant represents strength, wisdom, patience and so much more. The elephant’s strength is unmatched in the animal kingdom, yet it can be very gentle. It strides confidently and gracefully simultaneously, knowing and owning its power. It is slow, grounded and steadfast in its movements. It is a perfect representation of the Earth element, rooted and anchored in itself. At the same time, the elephant has a playful heart, and an open heart. It is extremely loving, and mourns just as intensely as it loves. Female elephants are particularly nurturing toward their young and build strong relationships with other matriarchs and the herd as a whole. Elephants live in community. They communicate telepathically; they hear each other directly, knowing each other’s thoughts. They are therefore deeply connected with each other. In India, where elephants are considered royalty, terra-cotta elephants are often used during wedding ceremonies as a symbol of fertility (the trunks are associated with rain, which makes for fertile land). In China, elephants are considered a symbol of pregnancy. A pair of elephants is often found on either side of the couple’s bed (pointed at the center of the room).

The elephant, then, represents the potential for life.

Elephants have a lot to teach us. They coach us by example to live our potential as loving and connected beings. Besides, they’re so damn cute!!! So I ask, why not elephants?

Shameless plug: A huge THANK YOU to Dahna Weber and her amazing web-design team at Minc for this site.