We all have those times and moments when we feel like giving up. We just can’t do it anymore. We’ve had enough.

But what if we allow ourselves a slight but powerful change in perspective and decide to give up the right way?

Go ahead. Give up.

Give up the need to control your life
Give up the race to have it all, do it all, be it all and keep it all together
Give up the need to please others
Give up all false pretenses
Give up the need for everything to be perfect
Give up the need to judge yourself, others and what happens
Give up the need to control your life
Give up the need to be liked and validated by others
Give up your limiting beliefs; especially your belief that you are not enough, not good enough, not worthy and not whole
Give up your perceived sense of separation
Give up those irrational fears which do nothing but stall you
Give up grudges, resentments and regrets
Give up self-doubt
Give up the guilt
Give up your inability to say NO
Give up unrealistic expectations of yourself and others
Give up the belief that someone or something external to you can fulfill you, meet all your needs or make you happy

Try it. Give it up. This may take time and help…But don’t give up on giving up. The reward is sublime.