If you’re like I used to be, you used to roll your eyes at the words “network marketing”. So why would someone who has always run very far away from any sort of MLM thing decide to get on board? Well, a wonderful product fell into my lap at the perfectly right time. Not only was I convinced about the product, I also recognized an opportunity for a successful home-based business.

About 6 years ago, my husband was diagnosed with severe (level 4) osteoarthritis in his right hip. He was only 35 then, but had been playing aggressive sports since he was a child. His joint was worn-down, bone-on-bone. He was told then by two surgeons that he would need surgery. It was a question of time. Fast-forward 5 ½ years later when he finally got an appointment with one of Montreal’s top orthopaedic surgeons. The x-rays showed that the joint degeneration was too far advanced for a milder procedure such as joint resurfacing. He would need a total hip replacement (the kind where they literally saw off the top of your thigh bone and hammer in a ball and joint prosthesis).

As an Occupational Therapist for close to 2 decades, I knew what this meant in terms of rehabilitation. He would be off work for months, using a hospital bed and a commode, learning to walk again, and getting intensive physical therapy. I also knew the risks associated to such a surgery; although they are common-place and relatively safe in this day and age, joint replacement surgeries eventually have to be re-done, and carry a risk of infection and rejection of the prosthesis. I have seen good outcomes but also disastrous ones.

At about the same time as my husband was meeting with the surgeon, I re-connected with a coach-friend of mine via Skype. Right away I noticed the smoothness of her skin (she had been a heavy smoker) and thought she looked much younger. I asked how her husband was doing; he had undergone spinal fusion surgery and last time we had chatted he was still having a hard time getting around and had some discomfort. She told me he was now playing golf! I inquired and that’s when I learned about a supplement which helped her husband regain mobility and be virtually free from discomfort. It’s this same product that she was taking which was having a rejuvenating effect on her skin. Right away I thought of my hubby’s hip and wanted to hear more. I was willing to try anything to help him, so I ordered some product right away.

Because I knew and trusted this coach-friend, I quickly overlooked the yucky feelings I had about getting involved with a product and company that uses network, multi-level marketing. Up until that point, I was disgusted with all attempts at “luring” me in to such a business; and there were many. The secrecy and hidden agendas, the lack of transparency in people’s approach led to a lot of time wasted and much frustration. I had sworn I would never get involved with these scamming company and scamming people who just wanted my hard-earned money!!!!

4 months into taking the product, my husband no longer had shooting sensations at night or daytime “grinding” in his hip joint. He was able to once again take our dog for walks, which he had stopped doing. He stopped shopping for a cane. He could touch his toes, which he hadn’t been able to do in years. He could get down on the floor more easily to play with our toddler, and most importantly, he started seeing the possibility of becoming active again, in gentle sports and leisure activities. The progress continues. Life can now be enjoyed more fully.

The improvement my husband has felt in his hip is not fluke, placebo or wishful thinking. I’ve witnessed other success stories, including in my dog (there is a pet version of the product). The supplement has been clinically proven to increase levels of hyaluronic acid by 6000% every 28 days (HA holds up to 1000 times its weight in water). As we age, we lose 15% of our HA every 10 years! It enhances joint lubrication and supports the development of healthy cartilage and connective tissue. It reduces the activity of hyaluronidase, an enzyme that breaks down HA. My hubby also benefited from its effect on skin, hair, nails and gums, including the reduction of wrinkles and lines. All this is backed up by 37 double-blind clinical trials. The research is there.

I didn’t talk about this product with anyone for the first 3 months of my husband taking it, because I wanted to see results with my own eyes. I wanted to make sure this was the real deal before I even associated my name to a network marketing venture. I now have seen the results and can say that this product is highly effective. Anyone with chronic discomfort and reduced joint mobility who can’t do the things they would like to do, could benefit. Plus, the health and appearance of skin can be enhanced. Although the beauty and rejuvenating benefits (without needles) are the primary reason some people take this supplement, the potential effect on well-being is my motivation to recommend it. Joint issues are becoming more prevalent (think baby-boomers) and sports injuries abound. There a lot of people living in discomfort and limitation.

I am truly excited to be a part of this venture. As an OT for almost 20 years, I’ve been on the side of health where it’s too late to make people “better”. OT is about compensation and learning to live with deficits, and that is not good enough for me. I’ve always wanted to be on the side of prevention and well-being, and now I am. As a life coach, I have a vision of coaching others to start their own business like I did. I see a team of reps who, in their like-mindedness and with integrity, want to improve the quality of life for themselves, their families and their customers. The bigger picture involves using this platform to contribute in positive and uplifting ways to the well-being of the world. If you’d like to know more and join a team that offers support and business-building coaching, connect with me and we’ll get started.