Freedom. It’s what everybody wants.

Even if you don’t know it, that’s what you want. If you were to ask yourself “what do I want?”, you might come up with a list that goes something like this:

  • More time
  • More money
  • Better health
  • Good relationships

Now if you were to go a step further and ask WHY you want those things, you would see that what you really want is a feeling. Why do you want more money and time? So you can live the life you want to, on your terms and without limitations. This could mean traveling, learning what truly interests you, giving your time to causes you care about, spending quality time with your loved ones while they’re alive, and so on. How would you feel if you could do all these things? Yes, that’s right…FREE.

The word freedom might mean different things to different people. To a prisoner, freedom is getting out of jail. However, another prisoner might feel free even as he sits in his jail cell. How is that even possible?  Well, the second prisoner may have understood something that some never understand in their entire lifetime, and it’s this:


Regardless of the situation or circumstances you find yourself in, freedom is possible. We get closer to the ultimate definition of freedom with these types of freedom:

  • The freedom to be yourself
  • The freedom to be authentic in all relationships and environments
  • The freedom of expression
  • The freedom to choose
  • The freedom of truth
  • Freedom to love and be loved

Take the prisoner who feels free (and they do exist!). Is he free to be himself, to express himself and be authentic? No, not in the visible external circumstances he finds himself in. Chances are low that he can fully express himself to the prison guards or cell mates who surround him. And on the surface, it’s evident that his choices are limited; he is not experiencing the freedom to choose.

But in the invisible, at a deeper level of awareness, he is choosing something more important than anything else. He is choosing to be established in his true identity as a spiritual being.

He has come into contact, either by Grace or sustained contemplation (there is after all a lot of time to read and think when you’re in prison), with higher truths: He is not a prisoner. His life is not limited to the time and place he finds himself in. He can choose peace right where he is, by letting go of the need to resist, fight his circumstances, blame others or see hismelf as a victim. He knows that it is possible to surrender to a Higher Power and let that Power live itself through him in each consecutive moment of the present.

He knows that freedom is the ability to be in this world whilst knowing you are not of it.

freedom to be you


Whoa. Too deep? I didn’t think I’d take it that far, but I did. You see, ultimate freedom is freedom from our identification with human existence. Sure, we are having a human experience, but humanity is not our source. What if we are living here temporarily for purposes of spiritual evolution, and everything of this material world is illusory, like a dream? What if the real you is sitting back there, watching all this stuff unfold saying “when is he/she going to wake up?” The prisoner who claims to be free has woken up.

Don’t get me wrong, time and money freedom, freedom from pain and bad relationships is important. You deserve to live the life you want to live, to be and have the very best. In fact, I work at helping people attain freedom at this level because just like a ladder, it can be a process to get to a state of ultimate freedom. As you evolve through life, you learn things, make adjustments, realize certain truths and become more open to different levels of consciousness.

Tony Robbins, in a livestream I attended recently from a convention in Las Vegas, said something that stunned me. He said that up until 2 years ago, he was not free.

As the owner of dozens of businesses, an elite coach/trainer and a financial guru, you would think the guy felt a sense of freedom. Private jet trips to his resort in Fiji, relaxing in one of his many homes across the USA, having all the material resources you can think of at his fingertips, a happy, loving relationship with his wife Sage whom he obvisouly adores, millions of loving fans and students…And he wasn’t free??? I really perked up in my chair to hear this!

A trip to India changed everything for him when he spoke with someone who reminded him that if he had worries or fears, if he felt overwhelmed or reacted to things with stress, then he was in a state of SUFFERING, which is the opposite of freedom. Tony had a huge “AHA” moment when he realized that he was still, in spite of all his success, living in a state of suffering. Getting caught up in business issues, striving toward impossibly high goals and expectations, the constant cell phone action…He was not living in a state of freedom. You see, there’s another kind of prison we don’t speak of: the mental prison.

Tony now says he works at maintaining a constant “beautiful state”, which to me means a state of PEACE. I’m not crazy about the term “beautiful state”, as nice as it sounds, because it may give the impression that if you’re not in a constant state of gratitude and bliss you’re doing something wrong. Going around with a permanent grin below a pair rose-coloured glasses is not what I mean by freedom (and I’m sure it’s not what Tony means). Emotions such as sadness and anger are not only normal but healthy when expressed and felt for what they are. The key is to learn to ride the waves of emotions and not let them take you under. More in that in another post…For now, understand that a state of peace CAN and DOES inlcude emotions perceived as “bad”, as long as you’re not identified with them and as long as they’re not permanent (E-MOTION: energy in motion).

So, what’s freedom to you? If you know you want to feel free but don’t know where to start, might I suggest a certain eBook, found here, for FREE? The journey starts with the freedom to be YOU, and most of us don’t know who the hell we are. This guide peels back the layers and helps you answer the “who am I” question.

The journey to freedom doesn’t have to be difficult. With coaching and modalities that access the subconscious mind to rewire the brain and help you identity and overcome limiting beliefs and thought programmes, freedom is around the corner. In fact, freedom is already here, waiting for you to uncover it.


I’d love to accompany you on your journey toward a state of freedom. You can find me through my website or via this email address:

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