I see so many people who are just burned. Exhausted. Fed up. Having a hard time getting out of bed these days. Just this morning I was with a woman who was a half-hour late to meet me because she just hasn’t been able to get up early lately.

Whether you’re lacking that “Monday motivation”, dealing with a personal challenge or have a case of the late-Winter-blues or the Spring Blah’s, take a breath and know that you are not alone.

Don’t worry, I won’t pour some fake-tasting sweetness or Ra-Ra “give yourself a kick-in-the-ass, stop complaining and be grateful for what you have” stuff on you, because you see and hear plenty of that already.

Instead, I”l tell you that sometimes it’s ok to give it less than your all and do the BARE MINIMUM.

Really, it is. It IS more than ok!

Yes, tend to your work and home-life duties and obligations, but if you feel as though you just can’t give more than what you absolutely have to, DON’T. Just like that. Trust me, the world will not end.