I saw the movie “Wonder Woman” last week and feel compelled to write about why I loved it so much. It has been receiving raving reviews from women everywhere. I just knew I had to see it.

Growing up, I was never into Wonder Woman (WW) or any other superhero for that matter. Sure, I enjoyed a good Christopher Reeve “Superman” movie, but it was nothing more than entertainment.

Walking out of the WW movie last week, I felt as though my entire being was vibrating at a very high frequency. Something had resonated with me so strongly that I had to sit in my car for a few moments to gather and ground myself in order to be able to drive!

Even as I watched the movie, I was able to recognize and appreciate the spiritual metaphors and deep “divine feminine” symbology. The end-lessons of it all, that only love can save the world, and that humans are inherently good, are true and nice to hear again, but it’s something more than that which has been causing women to flock to this movie.

I believe it is the totality of the archetypes depicted by WW that has stirred something up in the audience. A deep, authentic and divine power has been awakened in them, yet this power is softened with classic, feminine qualities of love and kindness.

Wonder Woman is not just a “strong” woman. She is all the archetypes of a woman simultaneously. Each woman has these within her, but rarely gets to express them all in her lifetime, never mind all at the same time!

Quill Cloud

Wonder Woman is a:

WARRIOR: Yes, she’s an Amazon therefore she grew up training and learning to fight in the traditional sense. Swords, shields, battle. This “bad-ass” aspect appeals to women who would really like to just get up and kick some ass. That primitive urge to defend and protect is not just a masculine trait. Women rarely get to bring forth the warrior in themselves. But even more appealing than just kicking ass, Diana shows us how to be a gentle warrior. Gentle with her loved ones, tender and compassionate, someone who sees the good in others and will stand up for that “good” at any cost. She is both fierce and gentle; like when she’s standing there holding a massive army tank above her head while looking with compassion into the eyes of Dr. Poison.

LOVER: I don’t mean in the romantic sense, although yes, sexuality is obviously also embodied in her character. There was a love affair of course with Steve, her secret-spy partner, but it didn’t take over the plot. In most Hollywood movies and stories, the woman loses herself completely in the romance and in the object of her affection. She loses her head and seems to forget that anything else exists. Not Wonder Woman. She wakes up the next day, having allowed herself to tend to her sensual and affective needs, back on mission without having skipped a beat. Her love for Steve is real and strong, as we see at the end of the movie…Can’t tell you more in case you haven’t seen it…In short, her love for him gives her superhuman strength. But over and beyond her love of a single man is her love of the world. She has no tolerance for suffering, pain, and useless killing. She is mother to all people. Like a mother bear, she sees only good in her “children” and loves them. She fights for them without second thought. She loves all; her concern with the treatment of horses in one scene speaks to a Universal love and respect of creatures including but not limited to human beings.

GODDESS and MAGICIAN: She is divine, daughter of Zeus, endowed with special powers including “evil-killing” powers. I mean, come on. I don’t even know what to say about that… What woman wouldn’t want those kinds of magical powers? Here’s the thing; we do have them. We are daughters (and sons, men, don’t worry, but we are talking about WW here) of the one God and “all that the Father hath is ours”. We are divine, we are blessed and we are equipped with world-saving qualities! No, we don’t have bullet-repelling wrist bands or golden lassos (how f’n cool would that be, though?) but we do have the power to create peace around us, to heal and to love. Those powers should not be underestimated. The golden lasso of truth can be ours to use in everyday life by being boldly honest with ourselves and encouraging bold honesty in others. I could go into some metaphysics and other aspects of certain schools of spiritual teaching and tell you that we can also actually repel (or at least avoid) bullets and heal instantaneously but I’ll leave that for another time. That might be too much here. The point is that all those deeper truths that we know but don’t know we know are awakened by the outward and explicit demonstration of WW. Those truths are put into pictures. These are examples to which the mind and heart can relate, but it is the soul that recognizes them.

Women who feel something powerful rise up in them after seeing this movie may not be able to put into words WHY they feel that way.

It is the ideal version of all archetypes put into one person that is so intriguing and enticing. It is what we secretly strive for, yet it is already who we are in spiritual truth. A mere mortal woman cannot all at once live out these archetypes. She would do well, however, to remember that they are all within her and that she can freely call upon each aspect of herself when such a time calls for it. She might step up as the warrior one day, slip into the lover the next, and arrive as the goddess the following day.

Always, all aspects of Wonder Woman are inside of YOU, dear human woman.

You are powerful beyond that which you can see and hear and touch.

You are divine.

You are a goddess.

You are fiercely feminine and strong at the same time. In fact, femininity IS strength. It is soft and vulnerable, yes, nurturing and loving, always…But it is also strong, bold, fierce, and Amazonian.