Striving. Achieving. Reaching. Accomplishing. Attaining. Grinding. Hustling. Pursuing.

Nothing wrong with those words or what they represent…But to be in a constant state of effort, with a point of focus external to oneself (ex. Having to get something from the outside world) is:


And it can make you feel like you are not or don’t have enough without all those external things and accomplishments.

Surrendering. Flowing. Receiving. Nurturing. Allowing. Being. Opening. Breathing. Pausing.

This last set of words is what permits you to then step out, from a place of fullness, into the world to do whatever it is you want to do.

Without the struggle.

I’ve been seeing it again lately…People “fighting” and plowing their way to their goals. I’m all for making it happen, but…

What if everything you want, once you have it, you no longer want?

What if all this pursuing gets you to a place where you enjoy your successes for half a minute and then go “That’s it?” or “Now what?”

Here’s the thing. Most of us never stop long enough to ask ourselves WHY we want what we want. You are working your way up the corporate ladder or reaching for the next title or rank in your job or business. You are seeing the end goal, and you are motivated. Great!!! Fantastic. But then what?

Will you be satisfied, or will there always be a deeper yearning for that SOMETHING that you can’t even name?

What if you could have that SOMETHING now? Right now, right here? Wouldn’t the journey to achieve and succeed then be more fun and light? It would. Because you’d know that you can RELAX in the truth of your own Being, which is already complete, fulfilled and worthy.

You wouldn’t feel the pressure (placed on you by YOU) to look outside of yourself for validation, approval, love or self-worth.

You don’t need anyone to tell you you’re brilliant, capable or amazing.
You don’t need anyone to tell you they’re proud of you. The acknowledgement is nice, sure, but it, and all the dollars and achievements and successes you’re hoping for, are BONUSES.

Once you can rest in the ultimate Reality and know that you are already loved without conditions, the rest becomes “the added things”.

The icing on top of the cake.
The cherry on top of the Sunday.
The dessert after a delicious meal.

When you can live in this inner state of “already having it all”, you will see things change around you to reflect that peace, harmony, love and abundance.

It starts within you. You only have to DECIDE to stop, deal with all the stuff under the surface, skim off what arises that is not helpful, and dive with full vulnerability and trust into the deep ocean of your soul.

It is the Truth and you know what they say…The truth shall set you free. Well, it’s not the truth itself that will set you free; you have to KNOW and EXPERIENCE the truth for it to unlock the “peace that passeth understanding”.

That peace, my friends, is what you really want.