Do you see weeds or flowers?

Years ago when I worked in the States as a brand new OT, there was a physiotherapist named Robert who always replied to my comments, complaints or questions with:

“It’s all about perspective, Nevine!”

I understood the general meaning of this statement, but frankly I was annoyed by his answer to everything I brought up.

Weren’t things sometimes just the way they were, no matter how you looked at them?

Today I have a deeper awareness of the truth about perspective. I know what he was saying, which is that, as Wayne Dyer put it:

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

First, you have to deal with the weeds by uprooting them from your mind. Sometimes you want to change your perspective but you cant because you’re literally hard-wired to see weeds.

It requires practice. Focus. Re-training, and re-wiring.

You can do it (perhaps with help). I believe in you.