Do you wish you had more money? Would you life to have financial freedom? Is it just not happening for you, despite your very best efforts? It could be that your mind, your subconscious mind to  be exact, is stopping you from attaining wealth. Maybe you have beliefs and mental programs so deeply rooted in your brain that you cannot untangle yourself from them. These may include:

“I am destined to be poor”.
“I hate money”. “Money is for everyone but me.”
“Money is the root of all evil.”
“Lie is supposed to be difficult.”
“I have to go though hard times to be happy.”
“It is wrong to charge money for services.”

These are some of the beliefs and programs that may be sabotaging you. You work hard, visualize, set goals and consciously know that you are deserving of abundance, but nothing changes. These mental roadblocks need to be plucked out like weeds, from the roots of the subconscious mind.

Money is not the only form of abundance of course; we all want an abundance of love, energy, health etc. There may be other programs lurking in relation to these other areas as well.

These beliefs and programs need to be released and replaced. The feelings associated with their opposites need to be instilled. The correct definition of abundance also needs to be downloaded. All this can be done through energy healing and specifically with the use of modalities (such as ThetaHealing) that address the subconscious mind.

The brain literally gets rewired through this process and because of the new programs, feelings and definitions, the person and their experience of life begins to change.

In a matter of minutes, a lifetime’s worth of limiting beliefs can be undone, reversed, eliminated. There truly is nothing to lose, and everything to gain.