You’ve heard it a million times:

“Everything happens for a reason!”

But does it really? Does everything ALWAYS happen for a reason?

No. Sometimes things happen BECAUSE of a reason. It’s the law of duality, of cause and effect. Something happens; it can be an action, a word, a thought or even an emotion, which causes something else to happen. It’s a law as much as the law of gravity is a law. It’s part of living the condition called “humanity” in the physical plane of existence.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m the first to believe in divine intervention and guidance. Sometimes things really do happen for a reason. Life wants to nudge us in a certain direction or help us avoid a disaster of some sort. I’ve lived it several times. But I don’t believe that bad things happen FOR our good. That’s martyrdom and totally against the spiritual law of unconditional Love.

I do believe that GOOD CAN COME FROM BAD. In other words, a bad situation can be USED for good. Either by our own choice to make something good happen, such as paying forward the help you receive during a crisis or coming together in the midst of a natural disaster, or by Grace.

Your bad experience can be used as FUEL for something good. Grace, Spirit, Life, or the Universe says:

“Don’t worry, child, this thing happened but here, let’s see what we can do with it now, to help you and others. Let’s use it to propel you and the world forward, Let’s dig deep for the Love that heals everything”.

It certainly does not say “Well, this thing HAD to happen to you, or you’d never learn!” Or “You deserved it!”

Take someone who has a car accident. They end up in the hospital, injured and shaken up. But they survive. They say “I’ve been given a second chance at life!” And when they recover they make big changes. They leave a bad relationship, take better care of their bodies, learn how to meditate so as to not be stressed out all the time, quit the job they hate, etc.

They believe that the accident happened for a reason; to give them the kick in the ass they so needed.

But did the Universe orchestrate the accident?

No! It was a cause-and-effect thing. Maybe the person was so stressed out, they had consumed way too much coffee and had the jitters, driving erratically and without paying much attention.

Maybe they left the house in a bad mood, which puts out a low-vibration energy that attracted more of itself. Or maybe all was fine but another driver was texting or was drunk.

Because when you’re living in a world of duality, of cause and effect, you are subject to that law.

It doesn’t really matter, though, because that person laying in the hospital decided to use the event as a catalyst for change, for something better.

Whether they truly believe that the accident happened for a reason or not, they have the choice to use the misfortune as an OPPORTUNITY for something good.

There will always be such opportunities.

People have asked me why I think I got the shingles; what was the message in that, what was the REASON for it?

There was absolutely no reason, folks. It was simply a stress response. I’m usually quite proficient at managing stress, but on this occasion I lost my center. There was no cosmic plan to give me the shingles so that I could sit back and reflect on my life. Good has come from it, but it was not “meant to be”. I know this for sure.

Cause and effect, karma…This is stuff of the material, physical world. There is a way to transcend it all: by living in a constant state of Oneness, established in an invisible Reality which is beyond physical law. Few people have walked this earth being able to do that (btw, it’s what we’re all here to learn to do).

For now, let us remember the old story about the Chinese farmer who lost his horse (see 2-minute video below). When something happens, the wise thing is to avoid saying “That’s great!” or “That’s awful!”, but to remember this response:

“Maybe so, maybe not!”