You hear a lot about the ego being “bad” in personal development and spirituality circles. The ego is our “lower” self and must be suppressed or transcended.

Wayne Dyer, one of my teachers, even used this acronym:

E – Edge
G- God
O- Out

Although I understand what he was trying to say, I find that most people interpret this sort of thing in an extreme way that ends up making them feel ASHAMED when they do act from a place of ego.

The ego is part of who we are. It’s what allows us to function on this physical plane. Without it, we wouldn’t know where one person ends and another begins. We wouldn’t have our own personality, likes and dislikes; in short, we wouldn’t be able to establish our identity as human beings.

In the spiritual realm of Oneness, there is no ego. In human form, however, there is a duality that maintains the expression of that oneness into physical form.

If I’ve lost you, what I’m trying to say is this:

The ego is encapsulated into the totality of who you are. It is not bad or good. It is a tool that allows you to live in this world.

Here’s the key: If you let your ego be in the driver seat and lead your life, then yes, you will be “edging God out”, meaning you will be cutting yourself off from any connection to the Divine, or something bigger than yourself.

People who have an “over-inflated” ego are fully identified with that aspect of themselves and believe they ARE their ego. They don’t realize there is a more expansive and higher Self that, if put in charge, will lead their lives in a way that is beyond anything they can imagine or dream of.

Putting the ego at the service of your higher Self or Soul is a wise and evolved way to live that doesn’t deny the ego but rather uses it as an instrument of Spirit.

What about you? Who’s in charge of your life, ego or Soul?