If you’re reading this, chances are you’re already involved with a network marketing company. Whether you started your business because a friend talked to you about this particular company or because you like the products or services, you may have never stopped to ask yourself these important questions about the company which is a source of livelihood for you and your family.

The good news is it’s not too late. You can begin right now by evaluating certain parameters that ultimately determine the longevity and potential of your career with this company.

  1. Is the product unique, patented and supported by data, specifically evidence-based scientific research? If there are many similar products on the market, competition will be high, and if there is no credible clinical trial or randomized study backing the promised results, credibility will be low.
  2. Is the company financially stable? A private company that’s been around for a while in one way or another is a good bet. Ideally, the company should be debt-free.
  3. What phase of business growth is the company in? It’s always better to be involved in the early stages, before explosion onto the market. The worst situation is to jump on board when the company has already reached the saturation phase. By then, it’s too late to build big and fast because most people have already heard about the company and its products. It’s best to get involved before the international markets have been opened.
  4. How profitable is the customer program? Can you make money solely via direct sales, or does the profitability depend on the building of a network? Yes, some companies work on volume and not just network structure.
  5. Does the company provide quality training, resources and marketing materials? Support is key, especially for new business builders who need to develop their skills. Not only should reps be knowledgeable about their business and its products or services, they also need to learn about marketing, prospecting, mindset and leadership skills. Good customer service is also imperative.

So it looks like you may have some homework to do! If you already know where your company stands and where you stand in it and you’re pleased, great. Now you can help others situate themselves. Pay it forward! You can also learn how to build and grow your business online. Imagine generating leads and getting prospects without having to chase anyone, harrass friends (or everyone and anyone you’ve ever known, for that matter) or being rejected over and over again…Not only is it possible, it is the future of network marketing. Click here to know more.

Here’s to your success.