What to do, what to do…How to do it, how to do it…HELP.

A million thoughts and ideas are going through my mind and I’m having a hard time structuring them. I have “big picture” perspective, but lack the sharp focus and “small picture” steps to get there.

I’m talking about my social marketing business. Wait, stay with me! Don’t run…I know I would have in the past, too…which is why I need your help, or at least your ear! In general it is known as network marketing or MLM, but the company I’m with calls it Social Retail and Social Marketing, which I LOVE and which is one of the reasons I want to stick with this business.

Not only do I want to stick with it, I kinda want to SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS! But I can’t. Well, I could, but I don’t want to come across as an over-zealous salesperson. I don’t want eye-rolls when I talk about the products I “sell”, and I don’t want to turn anyone off, the way I used to be turned off by marketers. I don’t want to be asked if this is one of those pyramid schemes (even though those are illegal, BTW). Know what I mean? The crappy reputation the direct selling business has is for a reason. Some people in this field have been known to be hard core sellers, recruiters and scammers!

So how on  God’s green Earth do I tell people how cool this company is, and how great their products are? How do I do that with integrity, professionalism and a properly conveyed message? And how, oh how, do I integrate this business and the many incredible opportunities it represents, with my coaching and healing practice? Am I a coach, a healer, or do I sell products? Yes, I know I can be and do all of it, but I would love to have a consistent message or at least a common thread running through it all. I think I do, actually, the concept of FREEDOM. Is that enough?

Facebook…That’s what comes to mind. Everyone is using Facebook to promote their businesses. Of course there are other social media avenues but I think that’s the big one. Thing is I scroll past so many posts each day of people advertising their products that I get numb to them, so why wouldn’t the same thing happen to me? I don’t want my “friends” to feel harassed or sold to; Yet, it’s the best platform to share and spread the word, to educate and inform. Ugh.

Choices and decisions

Do a live video! A Facebook Live…That’s what comes up when I tune in and ask for guidance and divine inspiration. But the thought of it…The dread…and wouldn’t it be seen as selling, anyhow? And would I do it on my personal page, my coaching page or a new page? Do I host a party to tell everyone about the products? Nah…who would want to go to that? Besides, it’s all right there on the website for everyone to see.

How do I let people know that they can buy and use everyday products that are safe, effective and environmentally friendly from one easy-to-use website AND make it appealing? Honestly, this company makes it as easy as shopping on Amazon. A client registers to create an account and then they shop, period. Whether or not they want to be on “smartship” is up to them, no obligation to reorder, and lots of credits to be earned toward future purchases. So easy – shopping in one place where you can be sure you’re not getting harsh chemicals such as PEGS, sulfates and parabens.

If I had not gone to the convention in Orlando this past winter, I would not be writing this today. I heard first hand about everything from conceptualization to manufacturing. One of the early product formulators was having severe allergic reactions to chemicals all around him. He was living like “Bubble Boy”, that character in Seinfeld who had to literally live in a bubble otherwise he would get contaminated and die. The formulator man could hardly leave his house! Conveniently, he was a biochemist and set out to make his own products free of allergens. The rest is history. The company is now in 30 countries and growing by the day.

I love that all products (from deodorant to shampoo, body lotion, and cosmetics) comply with European standards of safety. See, in Europe, there are over 1300 chemicals BANNED from personal care products and cosmetics. In the USA, there are 11. That’s eleven. Health Canada is more in line with Europe than with the USA, thankfully, but still has a way to go.

Are the products perfect? No. They are not all-natural and organic. When a direct selling company puts out such products, I will be first in line as a rep. For now, this is as good as it gets! Whatever synthetic or “scientific” ingredients are used are safe, ie. proven to have no adverse health effects. BTW, everything is chemical, even water (H2O), so we have to be careful when we make claims about “chemical-free”. That’s the scientist in me being a stickler.

The weight-management and health supplements are also of high quality, and the quality control is ridiculous (the good kind of ridiculous).

I also love that the “fresh breath collection” is EWG-verified. You get the very first ever EWG-verified mouth rinse and toothpaste for $12.99. Not bad, right? I personally can’t go back to one of those natural toothpastes that make me feel like I’m cleaning my teeth with nothing.

I’ve always been about healthy and natural, non-toxic everything. For decades I’ve been a conscientious consumer when it comes to my health, the health of my family and the health of the rock I live on. I’ve shopped at The Health Tree since it opened. Anyone who knows me knows this is true. So when I heard about all this after having been on the verge of quitting the business, I jumped right back in and FELT the alignment with my values and with who I am.

You see, after having joined the world of MLM because of Liquid BioCell, the collagen-based supplement that helped my husband avoid a total hip replacement (he needed this major surgery due to severe arthritis; read about that story here), I was close to deciding to stay on just as a customer and not as a marketer.

ShantiI just didn’t want to bother anymore. You could say I had lost my mojo. My husband and my dog (yes, my big girl’s knees benefited, too!) were going to continue to consume the product without me trying to build a business around it. But now, with the acquisition of the company that was distributing Liquid BioCell by Modere, I don’t think I will ever quit…as long as they keep putting out quality products and running things with integrity, transparency and authenticity. Which so far, is what I’ve seen.

Check out the company’s 5 values:

  1. Vibrant (Good, uplifting vibrations)
  2. Authentic (Hello! My eBook is called “Authentic and Awake”)
  3. Compassionate (Really?! What company has compassion as one of their core values?!)
  4. Humble (I can tell you that from the calls I’ve been on, the leadership really is)
  5. Disruptive (Like Netflix disrupted the video rental industry, so Modere is disrupting the network marketing business as the first ever Social Retail company. Love it.)

Yes, I said it. MODERE. That’s the name of the company! Modere, Modere, Modere!!! The world of network or social marketing always tells you not to use the company name; to generate curiosity without putting it all out there…I get why…You see the name and hear about an awesome product, you’re going to go look it up on your own and place an order without going through me, which means I don’t get the customer, the commission, the potential marketer, etc.

Well..I am doing it anyway. I’m telling you that Modere is the company that manufactures and distributes incredible products, including Liquid BioCell. If someone wants to go out and order without me, fine. I would rather, for the sake of your well-being and the Earth’s, you go out and make purchases on your own than not at all! Just in case, though, my rep ID is j260208 🙂

It seems to me the whole secrecy thing is fear-based…You  might “miss out” or “not get” the client. You have to “draw them in”… I don’t want to lead a business from a place of fear; because I’m not scared. I want to lead it from a place of love and trust. There is more than enough for everybody. Besides, I’m all about bringing things out into the LIGHT!

So there.

Now what…

I don’t know!

Do I go live? Do I start a private FB group for people who might be interested in knowing more? Do those people even exist, I mean don’t people have enough going on, enough to attend to? I did start a 12-week “Healthy Weight-Loss Group” based on the company’s M3 weight-management system but I’ve deviated from it and made it my own; the product recommendation is only one part of what I’m doing with my members. Currently I am offering them free ThetaHealing to change their limiting beliefs in relation to weight, and soon we will be getting into Human Needs psychology. I’ve even been speaking to them about yoga and stress management. See, I can’t help it…Everything I am and everything I’m passionate about comes through in whatever it is that I do.

The vision is there: Anyone who signs up as a customer through me gets some of my coaching/healing services for free, and anyone who signs up as a social marketer with me, who becomes a member of the “Freedom Friends” tribe, gets free coaching/healing all the time for as along as they are active. Sounds good to me…I get to offer more this way. But how do I make it sound good to others?

My genuine desire is to create and generate well-being and freedom on a large scale. I actually care about people’s health, living clean (the company’s motto: LIVE CLEAN), and Mother Earth. I care about expansion, love, peace and freedom in every dimension of being. I care about mental, emotional and spiritual wellness and evolution; and anyone and everyone I work with who is also interested in these things WILL benefit by seeing all aspects of their lives transformed. This I know.

That’s the integration I see in the big picture, of this Modere business and my coaching/healing practice (I still don’t know if I should call myself a coach or a healer, because I’m both, but what goes over better?) I see giving workshops, teaching yoga classes and leading retreats for my fellow Freedom Friends. I see it all coming together.

But how, right now? What do I have to do NOW, today, to get things moving?

I open to Grace, inspiration, and guidance. I let go and let God. That’s what I do now.

This has been highly therapeutic, and I THANK YOU, if you’ve stuck with me through this whole rant, for your ear.

In the words of Deepak Chopra, “I let the Universe handle the details”.


Nevine xox