Fat: It’s Not All About Food & Exercise

Over the past year, I finally lost the weight I had put on since having a baby. It only took 3 years…And I understand why. For 2 years after giving birth, in spite of eating very well and moving my body, the pounds were not coming off. The bloating was not budging, and the heaviness [...]

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Burnout 101: You’re Burning out and Don’t even Know It

Nine years ago, I was burning out and didn’t even know it. I knew something was wrong and that I needed a break in the biggest sense of the word, but I didn’t know I was experiencing a breakdown of my nervous system (aka nervous breakdown or burnout). I had to do SOMETHING, so I [...]

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Never Surrender: Why Corey Hart Was Wrong

If you grew up in the 80’s like me, you remember Corey Hart and his "Boy in the Box" album, which for me came in the form of a cassette. I played it so much that the tape practically dissolved. Ok, fine, I admit it; I had a crush on Corey and yes, one or [...]

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Freedom Friends

RESIDUAL PASSIVE INCOME Three very popular words, these days! That's because people are tired of working themselves to the bone at a thankless job. Even if you love your job or work for yourself, you want to know that there is money coming in on the side even when you're not actively trading your time [...]

Freedom: You Know You Want It

Freedom. It's what everybody wants. Even if you don't know it, that's what you want. If you were to ask yourself "what do I want?", you might come up with a list that goes something like this: More time More money Better health Good relationships Now if you were to go a step further and [...]

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How to Survive the Winter When You’re Just Not a Winter Person

The holidays are over. We don't need the white stuff anymore. Is it Spring yet?   This time of the year can be difficult for those who live in a winter climate and don't like the season. Some people love winter and don't do well in summer. We're not talking about those people here. For those [...]

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My Story

Everyone has a story. Mine would take up a book on its own, but not so much because of the external events that did or did not take place over the course of my life. It is the inner journey of turmoil that marked my youth and most of my adult life thus far which [...]

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Network Marketing: NEVER! Until Now.

If you're like I used to be, you used to roll your eyes at the words "network marketing". So why would someone who has always run very far away from any sort of MLM thing decide to get on board? Well, a wonderful product fell into my lap at the perfectly right time. Not only [...]

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Thinking Positive Can Be Negative

One of the first books I ever read in the genre of personal development or “self-help” is “The Power of Positive Thinking”, by Normal Vincent Peale. Growing up, I was surrounded by a plethora of books lying around the house. I was a teenager when I read it, and some would have considered me to [...]

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Several people around me are stressed out right now. Most people who are stressed out don't even know it, because stress has come to be their default state of being. So if you know you're stressed out, you're already ahead of the game. You've noticed your state of being, and perhaps you wish to do [...]

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