The Struggle

Striving. Achieving. Reaching. Accomplishing. Attaining. Grinding. Hustling. Pursuing. Nothing wrong with those words or what they represent...But to be in a constant state of effort, with a point of focus external to oneself (ex. Having to get something from the outside world) is: Exhausting. And it can make you feel like you are not or [...]

Bits of Wisdom

I've been thinking that I should collect the writings of my Facebook page somewhere...Here seems like a good place. Enjoy these snipets of guidance!    Living an authentic and awake life doesn't mean you don't have bad days or bad moments. On the contrary, you may have more of them because you don't waste energy [...]

Awake in NYC

It was almost 10 years ago, that summer weekend in New York City. I was going to visit my friend who lives in Brooklyn, just for fun, for a getaway. What I got that July was something beyond a “good time”. It is only in retrospect that I’ve been able to fully appreciate and understand [...]

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You Are Wonder Woman

I saw the movie “Wonder Woman” last week and feel compelled to write about why I loved it so much. It has been receiving raving reviews from women everywhere. I just knew I had to see it. Growing up, I was never into Wonder Woman (WW) or any other superhero for that matter. Sure, I [...]

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Row Your Boat

Every night when I put my son to bed, I sing him a few lullabies. I always end off with “Row Your Boat” as he nestles into bed with his stuffed elephant and kangaroo friends. This nursery rhyme is as much for me as it is for him, for it contains wisdom that transcends the [...]

Why Do You Do What You Do?

Everything we do, we do to meet one or more of the six human needs. According to Human Needs Psychology, developed by world-renowned psychotherapist Chloe Madanes and Anthony Robbins, there are 6 needs that are universal. They apply to you, me, and everyone we know. Although we all have these needs, we have them in [...]

Never Surrender: Why Corey Hart Was Wrong

If you grew up in the 80’s like me, you remember Corey Hart and his "Boy in the Box" album, which for me came in the form of a cassette. I played it so much that the tape practically dissolved. Ok, fine, I admit it; I had a crush on Corey and yes, one or [...]

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