Anthony Bourdain: Unknown to Himself

The news of Anthony Bourdain’s death by suicide hit many people, including me, with a wave of sadness. More than just shock, this one has evoked a lot of heartache. Why? Because he was you, and me, and him and her. Though I didn’t watch his “Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown” show regularly, I caught it [...]

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Calm: Alternate Nostril Breathing

Here is a quick cure to the "feeling frazzled" syndrome. There's lost going on. You wear many hats. You don't know how you will get it all done and you would love to keep your calm through it all. The to-do list can wait a couple of minutes, ok? Alternate nostril breathing is a technique, [...]

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Do Less

I see so many people who are just burned. Exhausted. Fed up. Having a hard time getting out of bed these days. Just this morning I was with a woman who was a half-hour late to meet me because she just hasn't been able to get up early lately. Whether you're lacking that "Monday motivation", [...]

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Chocolate Therapy

Is chocolate therapy a thing? It should be. Because sitting here eating a piece of chocolate cake before starting the next shift of the day (the evening mommy shift) feels very therapeutic indeed. When asked why we are here, author Anita Moorjani (Dying to be Me is a recounting of her experience as a terminally-ill [...]

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Everyday Safety

What do you think about when you hear “everyday safety”? Wearing a bicycle helmet? Driving prudently? Having appropriate shelter? Though these are all worthy topics, few people consider the safety (or lack thereof) that comes from the stuff they use every single day of their lives. You might be slowly killing yourself and the planet. [...]

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Fat: It’s Not All About Food & Exercise

Over the past year, I finally lost the weight I had put on since having a baby. It only took 3 years…And I understand why. For 2 years after giving birth, in spite of eating very well and moving my body, the pounds were not coming off. The bloating was not budging, and the heaviness [...]

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Burnout 101: You’re Burning out and Don’t even Know It

Nine years ago, I was burning out and didn’t even know it. I knew something was wrong and that I needed a break in the biggest sense of the word, but I didn’t know I was experiencing a breakdown of my nervous system (aka nervous breakdown or burnout). I had to do SOMETHING, so I [...]

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Freedom Friends

RESIDUAL PASSIVE INCOME Three very popular words, these days! That's because people are tired of working themselves to the bone at a thankless job. Even if you love your job or work for yourself, you want to know that there is money coming in on the side even when you're not actively trading your time [...]

Freedom: You Know You Want It

Freedom. It's what everybody wants. Even if you don't know it, that's what you want. If you were to ask yourself "what do I want?", you might come up with a list that goes something like this: More time More money Better health Good relationships Now if you were to go a step further and [...]

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