Income Diversification

Can we talk money? It can be a touchy subject. People don't want to be pitched, sold to, or influenced. But they do want money. Unfortunately, the barter system does not apply to how bills get paid today. Never mind just paying the bills, how about paying for your kids' extra-curricular activities or taking a [...]

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Money is Not for You: Abundance Mindset

Do you wish you had more money? Would you life to have financial freedom? Is it just not happening for you, despite your very best efforts? It could be that your mind, your subconscious mind to  be exact, is stopping you from attaining wealth. Maybe you have beliefs and mental programs so deeply rooted in [...]

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The Struggle

Striving. Achieving. Reaching. Accomplishing. Attaining. Grinding. Hustling. Pursuing. Nothing wrong with those words or what they represent...But to be in a constant state of effort, with a point of focus external to oneself (ex. Having to get something from the outside world) is: Exhausting. And it can make you feel like you are not or [...]

Everyday Safety

What do you think about when you hear “everyday safety”? Wearing a bicycle helmet? Driving prudently? Having appropriate shelter? Though these are all worthy topics, few people consider the safety (or lack thereof) that comes from the stuff they use every single day of their lives. You might be slowly killing yourself and the planet. [...]

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Mixed Mommy Feelings

In just a couple of hours, I board a plane to Orlando. I’ll be gone for 5 days in total. It’s a business trip with bonuses: I’ll be attending a convention, but also spending some time with a dear friend who happens to live in the same city where the convention is taking place. I’m [...]

Freedom Friends

RESIDUAL PASSIVE INCOME Three very popular words, these days! That's because people are tired of working themselves to the bone at a thankless job. Even if you love your job or work for yourself, you want to know that there is money coming in on the side even when you're not actively trading your time [...]

Freedom: You Know You Want It

Freedom. It's what everybody wants. Even if you don't know it, that's what you want. If you were to ask yourself "what do I want?", you might come up with a list that goes something like this: More time More money Better health Good relationships Now if you were to go a step further and [...]

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What You Need to Know About Your Network Marketing Company

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re already involved with a network marketing company. Whether you started your business because a friend talked to you about this particular company or because you like the products or services, you may have never stopped to ask yourself these important questions about the company which is a source [...]

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1,2,3, Fifteen: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Productivity and Sanity

If you work for yourself, chances are you work from home. And if you’re a woman and a mother, that means there are a million things to do in and around the home on top of running the business. I know that sounds stereotypical, but it is a reality for many of us mompreneurs. Unless [...]

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