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You hear a lot about the ego being "bad" in personal development and spirituality circles. The ego is our "lower" self and must be suppressed or transcended. Wayne Dyer, one of my teachers, even used this acronym: E - Edge G- God O- Out Although I understand what he was trying to say, I find [...]

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Couples: 4 Levels of Relationship

The 4 levels of relationship in a couple: Level 1: One-dimensional - "it's all about me" Level 2: Trade - "it's 50/50", a two-way street Level 3: Each partner is 100% responsible for the relationship. Giving without expectations. Level 4: There is love for your partner even in the midst of conflict/anger (within safe limits [...]

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Weeds or Flowers?

Do you see weeds or flowers? Years ago when I worked in the States as a brand new OT, there was a physiotherapist named Robert who always replied to my comments, complaints or questions with: "It's all about perspective, Nevine!" I understood the general meaning of this statement, but frankly I was annoyed by his [...]

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Decade of Hell

From my mid-20's to my mid 30's, I lived what I call a "decade of hell". Anxiety, depression, insomnia, obsessive thoughts, an irrational fear of illness...And more. Everything was coming out. All that had been repressed, denied, buried and ignored came roaring out like a beast that threatened to take me down. And down I [...]

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It Is What It Is: Or Is IT?

"IT IS WHAT IT IS!" You either love or hate this saying. You either don't get it or say it all the time. I understand both sides: On one hand, it's a defeatist saying; it implies that nothing can change. It puts power into the hands of something or someone outside of yourself. It makes [...]

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Time is Precious

We all know that time is precious and we shouldn't waste it... But messages such as the one in this video, telling us that we are wasting the major part of our lives if we are not doing what we love or following our passion, makes those who work at a "regular job" feel pretty [...]

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Everything Doesn’t Always Happen for a Reason

You've heard it a million times: "Everything happens for a reason!" But does it really? Does everything ALWAYS happen for a reason? No. Sometimes things happen BECAUSE of a reason. It's the law of duality, of cause and effect. Something happens; it can be an action, a word, a thought or even an emotion, which [...]

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The 4 Core Beliefs

This is my list of the 4 core beliefs which establish a healthy sense of self and a healthy life. I believe them to be the solid foundation upon which all other beliefs and thought programs are based. With new clients, I always start with these. They are the foundation. Changing these programs from "NO" [...]

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The 3 R’s Which Can Make You Sick

The 3 R's which, if left untreated, can make you ill: Regret Resentment Rejection Fortunately, there is a cure. It is found in the following: Forgiveness. Safe expression of anger and other emotions. Acceptance. Letting go. Seeing THROUGH the illusion. Love. Truth. Rising beyond. Consciousness. Awareness. Integrity. Correct perception. Healing is possible and necessary in [...]

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