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The 4 Influences

What makes you who you are as a human being and determines how you see the world? Why does one person see a heaven where another sees a hell? There are four major influences that mold us: 1 - Prenatal factors including the views and genes of our parents and ancestors 2 - Early environment [...]

Why I’m Not Proud of my Book

Hi! I hope you've had a nice summer. I took a break this summer from everything having to do with the book I wrote, which was released in June. After it came out and when up on Amazon, I just wanted to forget about it. I did no marketing and made no attempts to sell copies. [...]

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Bring GOLD to You

Experience GOLD with Nevine in-person or online! Private individual sessions Group classes Workshops Retreats Get a couple of friends together and invite Nevine to teach you about everyday spiritual living. Yoga studios, spiritual centers, churches, and retreat organizers can hire Nevine for workshops ranging from a couple of hours to a full week. Through the [...]

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Going for GOLD: Everyday Spiritual Living

Part One: Spirituality 101 It has become trendy to be spiritual. From yoga festivals to celebrities sharing their own brand of wisdom, spirituality seems to be getting popular. But for some, it feels foreign and out of reach. If you have no idea how to “be spiritual”, take comfort in the fact that there is [...]

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Superstition: The Evil Eye

Recently I had a client who believed he’d been “cursed” by the negative vibes of people in his life. A series of accidents, of things going wrong, and he’s had enough. It’s called the evil eye in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cultures. You have to wear a blue pearl, put up anti-evil eye ornaments in [...]

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The Little Book With a Big Purpose: Going For GOLD

This past summer, I wrote a little book. Actually, it wrote itself through me. I started and couldn't stop. It flowed like water. A few months earlier I had given a short talk to a group of women entrepreneurs who work very hard at making their businesses successful. I spoke to them about the subject [...]

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Rat Race: The Thirsty Fool

Recently I attended a concert tribute to Bob Marley and the Wailers (The One Love Project Show Band) and I just can't get the songs  out of my head. Day and night, I'm hearing the beat, the sound and the lyrics of that reggae music. The thing with Marley is it wasn't just about the [...]

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Anthony Bourdain: Unknown to Himself

The news of Anthony Bourdain’s death by suicide hit many people, including me, with a wave of sadness. More than just shock, this one has evoked a lot of heartache. Why? Because he was you, and me, and him and her. Though I didn’t watch his “Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown” show regularly, I caught it [...]

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5 Stages of Morality

There are 5 stages of moral development: 1-The need to control 2-The need to be loved 3-The need to give love 4-The need to repent and/or forgive 5-The need to contribute beyond oneself These stages start developing in childhood and continue to do so throughout adulthood. They're supposed to, anyway... Sadly, some people get to [...]

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