Rat Race: The Thirsty Fool

Recently I attended a concert tribute to Bob Marley and the Wailers (The One Love Project Show Band) and I just can't get the songs  out of my head. Day and night, I'm hearing the beat, the sound and the lyrics of that reggae music. The thing with Marley is it wasn't just about the [...]

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Anthony Bourdain: Unknown to Himself

The news of Anthony Bourdain’s death by suicide hit many people, including me, with a wave of sadness. More than just shock, this one has evoked a lot of heartache. Why? Because he was you, and me, and him and her. Though I didn’t watch his “Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown” show regularly, I caught it [...]

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5 Stages of Morality

There are 5 stages of moral development: 1-The need to control 2-The need to be loved 3-The need to give love 4-The need to repent and/or forgive 5-The need to contribute beyond oneself These stages start developing in childhood and continue to do so throughout adulthood. They're supposed to, anyway... Sadly, some people get to [...]

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You hear a lot about the ego being "bad" in personal development and spirituality circles. The ego is our "lower" self and must be suppressed or transcended. Wayne Dyer, one of my teachers, even used this acronym: E - Edge G- God O- Out Although I understand what he was trying to say, I find [...]

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The 4 Core Beliefs

This is my list of the 4 core beliefs which establish a healthy sense of self and a healthy life. I believe them to be the solid foundation upon which all other beliefs and thought programs are based. With new clients, I always start with these. They are the foundation. Changing these programs from "NO" [...]

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Life is About…

Life is not about getting want you want. It's about WHO YOU BECOME on the way to getting what you want. To get deeper, I would say that it's not even about who you become, but about RETURNING to who you have always been at your core, beyond the limits of space and time. It's [...]

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The Struggle

Striving. Achieving. Reaching. Accomplishing. Attaining. Grinding. Hustling. Pursuing. Nothing wrong with those words or what they represent...But to be in a constant state of effort, with a point of focus external to oneself (ex. Having to get something from the outside world) is: Exhausting. And it can make you feel like you are not or [...]

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Bits of Wisdom

I've been thinking that I should collect the writings of my Facebook page somewhere...Here seems like a good place. Enjoy these snipets of guidance!    Living an authentic and awake life doesn't mean you don't have bad days or bad moments. On the contrary, you may have more of them because you don't waste energy [...]